The Huffman Family

We are so thankful for Living Oaks Academy and the hybrid model.  This allows us to be a primary part of our child's education while also involving others who share their love of Jesus as well as their knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas of study or skill sets.  The teaching method has also helped to promote a genuine joy in learning from each subject area.  It is clear that teachers and staff truly care about each child and want to see the children thrive and connect to the world around them as they learn.

The Gray Family

Our family is so grateful for LOA.  Our children are truly nurtured there and they feel so cared for and safe.  As a homeschool parent, I love that we can still have them with us for the most of the week, and yet when we bring them to LOA, we find comfort in knowing that the ideals being implemented are exactly what we would be teaching our children at home.

The Scheidler Family

Living Oaks has been an answered prayer for us.  The thought of solely homeschooling was overwhelming, but we also couldn't fathom sending him away to a 5-day school so young.  The hybrid model LOA offers is the perfect blend for our family.  When he is there we know he is taught through a biblical worldview, respected as an image bearer of God, and has so much fun!  He loves how much time they spend in nature, listening to rich literature, and learning math through real life application.  When he is there we know he is loved, treasured, and valued - and honestly, what more could a parent want?