Form 1

Form 1 is a combination of students age 6-8 years old, and is the equivalent of grades 1 to 3. Classes are short (10-20 min.) and start with formal classroom lessons in the morning, with afternoon occupations and nature-based lessons in the afternoon.

Lessons listed below are tentative and a formal plan will be released in the Summer of 2022.


Morning lessons include:

  •          Bible Study
  •          Hymns and Folksongs
  •          Poetry
  •          Reading*
  •          Math*
  •          Copywork
  •          U.S. History
  •          Music Appreciation
  •          Spanish
  •          Natural History (Observational Science)

Afternoon Occupations include:

  •          Nature Study
  •          Physical Geography
  •          Handicrafts
  •      Art
  •      Physical Education

* Reading and Math are taught in break-out sessions, so each student is learning at their own level.