Kindergarten / Form 1b

The K/1b classroom is for 5 year old and 6 year old students. Children may be in this class one or two years depending on developmental maturity. Charlotte Mason did not encourage formal lessons for children under 6, therefore the first year of school for kindergarteners is geared toward learning the habits of attention, obedience and truthfulness. The older children in the class (or second year for those entering in Form 1b at 5 years old) will start formal training of narration. The extra year of listening is beneficial and we see that those that have a year of listening, flourish when they start oral narrations.

As in Form 1A, classes are short (10-20 min.) and start with formal classroom lessons in the morning, followed by afternoon occupations and nature-based lessons in the afternoon.

Lessons listed below are tentative and a formal plan will be released by June of 2022.


Morning lessons include:

  •          Bible (Old Testament Lessons)
  •          Hymns and Folksongs
  •          Recitation
  •          Poetry
  •          Reading
  •          Math
  •          Copywork
  •          U.S. History
  •          Art Appreciation
  •          Spanish
  •          Natural History (Observational Science)

Afternoon Occupations include:

  •          Nature Study
  •          Physical Geography
  •          Handicrafts
  •          Scouting
  •      Art
  •      Physical Education


These above are some of the subjects offered in typical Charlotte Mason program. If parents chose to complete a Charlotte Mason program at home they should plan to cover the following for Form 1:

  •         Further lessons in Recitation, Reading, Math, Copywork, Singing/Solfa, Natural History, and Spanish
  •          Bible (New Testament lessons)
  •          Literature
  •          Geography
  •          Music Appreciation
  •          Drawing
  •          Musical Instrument

Curriculum counseling can be arranged if desired.