It is as revealers of God to their children that parents touch their highest limitations; 

perhaps it is only as they succeed in this part of their work that they fulfill the Divine intention in giving them children to bring up––in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. 

~Charlotte Mason~

A Common Goal

By enrolling your child at Living Oaks we join together, parents and staff, toward a goal of bringing each student to the cross of Christ.  Each child has been created in His image and collectively we will all do our part to inspire and disciple them in the way he or she should go.

Our Part

At LOA, we provide an atmosphere that your child will thrive in. Offering a wide feast of subjects provides a curriculum that prepares your student for God's plan for their life and  inspires each student to love learning for a lifetime. 

  • All subjects viewed through the Light of Scripture
  • Average class size of 10 students
  • Bible
  • Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
  • Art, Music, Poetry, and Recitation
  • History, Geography, and Science
  • Nature Study, Handicrafts, and Scouting

Please see your child's class page for specific details within forms.

Your Part

As it is our aim to come alongside your family we leave the education of your children at home to be done as you see fit.  We ask that you review the Parental Agreement prior to registration, as we want to give your student the best experience at LOA while he or she is in our care. 

There are two options for your days at Home:

Option 1You may choose to implement a full Charlotte Mason Curriculum that we have designed to complement the two day program we are using at LOA.  Once you have been accepted for admissions we will give you access to the "home plan".  See Sample Schedules below. 

Kindergarten "Home Days" Sample Schedule

Form 1  "Home Days " Sample Schedule

Option 2 You may choose your own curriculum for the days you are home.  We do suggest that you use curricula that implement the Charlotte Mason method, so as not to confuse your child(ren).