2023/2024 Tuition and Fees

Early Registration Fee                                     $50

Registration after April 15th                       $195

Kindergarten                                          $3,300     ($330/mo. on our payment plan)

Form 1 Tuition (~ages 6-8)               $3,100    ($310/mo. on our payment plan)

Form 2 Tuition (~ages 9-11)            $2,900     ($290/mo. on our payment plan)

*There will be no material or book fee for this year.  The cost of supplies used at LOA is reflected in the tuition.

First Tuition payment is due August 15th.


See options for for payment plans and multiple student discounts below.  

These are available upon request.

Multiple Student Discount

One Student           Regular Tuition

Two Students          $200 off second student's tuition

Three Students       $400 off third student's tuition

Four Students         $600 off fourth student's tuition

Five+ Students        $1000 off each extra student's tuition

Maximum tuition per family is $15,500

* for accounting purposes:

- The youngest child is first student and so forth

- Hope Scholarship family discounts will be applied to your last invoice for billing purposes

10-month payment plan

Tuition payments may be made over a 10-month period, with the first payment due August 15th, 2023 and the last being on May 15th, 2024.